My Aunty - English Sex Story

This is a story o f my aunt and me. She was sister of my stepmother. I had very good relation with my stepmother and her parental. We are living in very big house. I am the only male child in our home. My age was at that time 20 years. My stepmother sisters paid regular visit to our home. My father financial position was too high than that my stepmother family, they were very poor. So we always legendary for them. We always helped them specially, I myself always try to help them as there was no problem of money for me and that was the only reason that they were too obliged of us. My stepmother has four sisters and they all were married except one younger. When my stepmother’s sisters came in our home then they stayed there for few days. Her elder sister Sofia paid visit us regularly after two or three month and when she came she used to stay there at least 8/10 days. She was at the end of her youth. She was nearly 38 years old. But she had got a mortal beauty and was pretty and comely woman. She was married with an idiot man who looks before her owl. She has extra tall and vigorous body. Her whitish color with black eyes were enough to man made crazy. She has a big but not very big well shaped firm breast and a round fleshy ass. Her skin was much fair. Her sober and polite manner was adding to her elegance. They all sisters are very free to me. Once Sofia visited us after a long time, she has her children. One night as usual we took dinner and after some chatting each other. When I said them bay that I was going to my room. I had a CD in my hand and Sofia asked me the CD that what is this? I told her that this is the film. She has never seen CDs, as it was not so common those days. She became wonder that how can it run. It is looks so strange. My stepmother was also there. She said her if you want too see it you go to shahid room. Then you will see that how it run and as also you are always interesting to watch the move thus you can watch it if shahid gives you permission to watch the move he has. You can see the new machine named VCD taking place of VCR of course by my permission. We laughed and I told them why not anuty could watch the move if she wants. I have no any objection. OK I will see definitely the vcd and the move if you have no objection. And with this we all went to our room. She told that she would come after some time into my room. I attended the wash room and wore my sleeping soot. I was setting the vcd. When she came wore her a sample shilwar qamiz as for night. She asked me shahid first of all show me the vcd and its function as I have not seen it. We have VCR in our home. I showed all of vcd function to her from which she impressed much particularly it reception. We talked little about the latest technology. Then she asked me about the film I had. I told her aunty this is an English move and I have not seen it, as it is new. She asked me to play it. I play the film and we sat on the same sofa. The film was playing, as it was little bored in start but as I have heard it is interesting after some time. I was looking her she seemed me bore. But we were watching it. Suddenly the erotic seen came on screen, where hero and heroine were kissing. When it went long I tried to foreword it, but she smiled and forbade me saying what are you doing? This is the part of the film. But now the hero was removing the heroine’s cloths. I was too embarrassed by this time and I once again tried to forward it but she again forbade me. And suddenly she asked me that have you any experience like this. I said her no I have not any experience such like this. I needed water to drink as my tongue was became dried, when I came back to my seat I noticed that she has moved enough to my seat. Anyhow I took place my seat.